>> - log output of vchkpw
>> Dec 18 21:08:23 mx2 /var/log/vpopmail.log[23809]: vchkpw-pop3:
>> password fail [EMAIL PROTECTED]:
PP> OK, so it seems to lookup the correct user.
PP> | The query seems to request no plain text but only MD5-crypted
PP> | password.
PP> That's not correct.
>> select pw_name, pw_passwd, pw_uid, pw_gid, p w_gecos, pw_dir,
>> pw_shell , pw_clear_passwd from vpopmail where 
>> pw_name = "billing" and pw_domain = "w-d-c.net"
PP> This query fetches the whole data set, _including_ clear password
PP> (pw_clear_passwd).
PP> Have you done this query manually to see if the result contains the
PP> clear text password?

the manual query contain the clear password and the pw_passwd as encrypted (maybe

PP> As I don't run a MySQL backend for vpopmail authentication myself, could
PP> anybody who does have a look if APOP is working in general with MySQL as
PP> user data storage?

PP> BTW: Christian, it might be usefull knowing which version of vpopmail
PP> you're using, you didn't provide this information yet.
I use Version 5.3.6 of vpopmail as used in shupp.org/toaster but with the

Christian Michel

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