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"Rob G" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>  Hmmmm that is a good one as I set up vpopmail following the
>  instructions word for word.  It does appear that the
>  /etc/tcp.smtp.cdb does have the IP addresses of the system in it .. I
>  opened the cdb file in vim and could see the two IP addresses that I
>  have POP'd in with.

Go, get cdbtools from DJBs web site ( http://cr.yp.to/cdb.html ) and
make a

cdbdump < /etc/tcp.smtp.cdb

If it cotains more addresses than /etc/tcp.smtp everything should be

You seem to have vpopmail set up (configured) to use /etc/tcp.smtp.cdb
instead of ~vpopmail/etc/tcp.smtp which is OK. No problem with this, in
fact it doesn't _really_ matter which one is used, as long as vpopmail
and qmail-smtpd use _the same_.

>  I may have to go another route as I am not sure about the relaying as
>  the IP addresses are not being cleared from the tcp.smtp.db file or
>  the open-smtp file.  I would like to just use SMTP authentication
>  instead of POP before SMTP.

You'll have to patch qmail for being able to use SMTP-Auth.
If you want to use SMTP_AUTH _exclusively_ you'll have to recompile
vpopmail with disabled "romaing-users" option. Else vpopmail _will_
continue to write IP-Adresses of authenticated POP3-users to open-smtp
and .cdb file.

To come back to your original problem:

have a look with above mentioned cdbdump command if /etc/tcp.smtp.cdb
contains the IP-address you're trying to send mail from.
If not: do a POP3-check and "dump" the file again ... your IP _should_
be present now ... !!!IF!!! this file can be written by the user your
POP3-process is started as!!!!


P.S.: Could you _please_ disable your 'Reply-To' header (by deleting
it's value in your account setup)??? It's redundant (it contains the
very same address already in 'From' which makes absolutely no sense) and
prevents from "easy answering" by simply using "Reply". My MUA would be
able to reply to the list automatically (as it recognizes the list
headers), but your "Reply-To" header takes (intentionally by
my MUA) precedence ... Thanks in advance

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