Hi Bill,

I have enclosed a maintenance patch for vpopmail/ldap.
Let me first explain why I did it.

There are several places where auth module is called, but 
not check what happened. This is especially importtant using the
LDAP backend, because an auth module call can fail !
E.g. invalid credentials, cannot connect etc.
Furthermore it is importtant to know why it failed and not just silently
do nothing. So This patch address some points:

- Adding a domain, first setup dirs etc and then call the auth module. So when 
it fails, the assignent and the dirs still resist, which causes the next 
vadddomain call answering "That domain already exist"
- Same with deleting a domain / just the other way around. Dirs and assignment 
are deleted, but because of the failure of the auth module it still resists in 
- calling vsetuserquota and the username/domainename does not exist does give 
give a clear reason

Fixed included:
- calling vadddomain/vdeldomain the auth module call can fail
- fixes for vsetuserquota to say what's going wrong

You can download it from:
It is against vpopmail-5.3.12 and has been successfully tested for backward 


Jens Jahr


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