May I suggest you try VQRegister rather than VQSignup.
The lastest version of VQRegister is 2.6, which is needed for Vpopmail
5.1.x or great (IIRC).

Also, if your looking at the Lions site as a demo, that's VQRegister.

Here's the steps to install just in case you need to see them.

1) Download VQRegister:

2) Decompress it:
tar -zxvpf vqregister-2.6.tar.gz

3) Enter Directory:
cd vqregister-2.6

4) Edit the vqregister.conf file to suit your configuration:

vi vqregister.conf

# NOTE: There are a few changes that need to be made, you will need to
read through the file.
# NOTE: When you edit the vqregister.conf file, you will need to put
your domains like:
# NOTE: (Each on a separate line)


5) Edit the to suite your configuration (If you send a
welcome letter):


6) Edit the badhosts file if you want to use it, (Must be turned on in

vi badhosts

7) Edit the 'Makefile' file. This is the important step, if you do this
wrong it probably won't compile.

vi Makefile

# Edit the following Lines:

# Change to home directory of your vpopmail
VDIR = /home/vpopmail

# Name of your compiler (leave as is)
CC = gcc

# I left alone
BIN = vqregister

# Change to path of your MySQL include directory: (My RedHat 7.3 is
located at: /usr/include/mysql)
DEFS = -I$(VDIR)/include -I/usr/local/mysql/include

# I left alone

# Change to path of your MySQL lib directory: (My RedHat 7.3 is located
at: /usr/lib/mysql)
LIBS = -L$(VDIR)/lib -lvpopmail -lcrypt -L/usr/local/mysql/lib/mysql
OBJS = main.o cgi.o template.o global.o misc.o config.o register.o
password.o \
       vpopmail.o db.o field.o badhosts.o

# Change to path of your Apache CGI Directory (Stock RedHat is 7.x is
INSTALL_DIR = /usr/local/apache/cgi-bin/vqregister

# Name of binary cgi to be created (vqregister.cgi)
INSTALL_BIN = vqregister.cgi

# Username of Vpopmail User
INSTALL_UID = vpopmail

# Group of Vpopmail User
INSTALL_GID = vchkpw

# End of changes to Makefile

8) Edit the webpages in the /html directory to suite your site.

9) Compile the entire thing by typing:

make install

10) Go check out your work!

BTW, IF you need a copy of my vqregister or Makefile and my customized
HTML, let me know I will be happy to share it with you.
Hope this helped.

You can see what it looks like running at my website, I don't think it's
proper to advertise here, so email me if you would like the url.

Steve Sobka

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hello ppl
 i want to know information about vqsignup.
Modify the Makefile:

which make file i modify i can't understand.????????

modify the compile line 

in which compile file i write ???????

so plz tell me how can i full configure it.

Bcz first two steps are very strange....



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