Thanks David for the info.

Unfortunately, I have previously done that (adding the qmailqueue env in qmail-
smtpd run file --as some posts on this mailing list or Q-S's list). However, 
the problem still existed since some users use the webmail interface (IMP to send messages which runs as a different user than qmail-
smtpd and in turn doesn't pickup the env var QMAILQUEUE. The webmail's default 
behavior is it uses local /usr/sbin/sendmail binary to send mails out (which 
is linked to qmail's sendmail) which doesn't pass qmail-smtpd at all. I think 
qmail-sendmail will automatically write the message to the real queue (or it 
passes through qmail-send first.) I probablly could've gotton around that by 
also adding the QMAILQUEUE env line to qmail-send run script?? What I done is 
I added a exec() line in the webmail's php code to set the var QMAILQUEUE to 
my scanner. This worked for the webmail only but not for outlook/eudora users 
(again, could've put env qmailqueue in qmail-smtpd run file -- but then it 
becomes a mess).

Quoting David Phillips <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> Tim Hasson writes:
> > Below is a patch to allow setting QMAILQUEUE to
> > for roaming users (change path to your
> > pre-qmail-queue script)
> You could also just set it in your run script.  No need for patching.  If
> you use qmail-conf, add it to the env directory.
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> David Phillips <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>


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