I use TMDA with vpopmail... There is a nice tool that will
Help you A LOT with this. It's called qadmin-tmda.  What
It does is setup a basic config and all your files you need
Then adds menus to qmailadmin for it so you can just login to
Qmailadmin and change your settings, add/remove from whitelist
Or blacklist, view what is in the pending queue.. I Love it
And would not be able to use tmda with out it.
 The url is http://qadmin-tmda.samstech.net/


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> Sent: Monday, January 06, 2003 12:14 PM
> Subject: [vchkpw] TMDA or somthing like it
> Hi,
> Is there any compatible filtering extension like TMDA or 
> spamassassin that works with Vpopmail?
> I tried setting up TMDA-0.67 with Vpopmail-5.3.12, but to no avail.
> There is a TMDA+Vpopmail HOWTO located at 
> http://www.visca.com/tmda/tmda_vpop.html
> but this is out of 
> date and looks to be incomplete.
> I love vpopmail, but i really want some kind of filtering or 
> confermation capability.
> Thanks in advance.
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