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On Tue, 7 Jan 2003 09:37:17 +0100
"CoyoteTM" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> I want to log vpopmail entries into a different (vpopmail.log) file in
> the /var/log dir. I use Debian. I know this is not really vpopmail
> question, but I hope someone can help me.

The only way is using "syslog-ng".

Classical syslog can _not_ distinguish between _applications_ logging,
but only between "facilities" (and "priorities") therefore everyting
vpopmail logs with facility "mail" is sent to whatever syslog.conf
defines for "mail.*". In case of priority settings in syslog.conf this
plays it's role too, but any other programs log output with the same
facility and priority is stored into the same log file.

With syslog-ng you are able to store to different log files by making
use of it's text filter capabilities, e.g. by sending lines containing
'vchkpw' to a different file than other messages with facility 'mail'.


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