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> Hello All,
> could anyone shed some light on this? In other words, how to
> control the number of connections that are attempted by
> qmail/vpopmail and/or how many connections are supported/
> handled by MySQL.

to control the number of connections to MySQL you could use mrtg, at you can find the mysql "plugin", i use [mrtg-mysql-load] to 
monitor the query and slow query per minute.
remember to use qmailmrtg to monitor the qmail traffic and usage.

> I have looked for this information in every place I can think
> of, and I can still not get this to work. As soon as someone
> drops a mail to, say, 20-30 recipients at the same time, I
> get these bounce messages.

I think that it's very hard to reach the maximum number of (phisical)  
20-30 pop3 connections at the same time would not be a problem for 
qmail/mysql, i've constantly 100-150 (and sometimes 200) concurrent 
connection, as shown from qmailmrtg, to the pop3 and the system works good.


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