> @400000003e1d0cab24c68b0c delivery 412: success: 
> mp/1042091169.1517.mail.vpc.jeje:_No_such_file_or_directory/
> @400000003e1d0cab24c9c344 status: local 0/10 remote 0/20

The more I think about this problem, the more I get the impression,
that something far weirder is going on, in your system.

1. If you do not have that .qmail file at all, is mail properly written
   into the Maildir of the user?

2. Please execute qmail-showctl and if the resulting output is small, send
   it to the mailing list. If the resulting output is large, put it on
   some webserver and tell us the URL, so we can access it.

3. Please execute the command

    od -c /home/vpopmail/domain/vpc.jeje/postmaster/.qmail

   and mail the result to this list.

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