I've done more digging around, And I'm still at a loss, If this isn't the right place to ask this question could someone so kindly point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance..

Scott Walker wrote:
I have about 45 domains on a vpopmail+qmail setup. It runs like a champ....

But the problem i'm seeing (and I've seen it before) for some unknown reason sometimes (I say sometimes, cause it truly is 'sometimes') you'll email [EMAIL PROTECTED] It will take anywhere from 15 mins to 4 hours for the mail to show up.

Turn around and email [EMAIL PROTECTED] on the same box (from same email used in first test)... shows up instantly.

Has anyone encountered that before? Is there somewhere you can set something like that kind of hold time? Or is something wrong with how the domain was setup? I'm at a loss.

I've got tons of customers barking at me about it taking 6 hours, for mail to show up, etc, etc.

I'm truly at a loss.... any help? :)

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