I`m using vpopmail-5.2 with qmail.
The problem is that vuserinfo [EMAIL PROTECTED] sais that customer has used 
let`s say 50% of his mail quota, although cd 
~vpopmail/domains/domain.tld/user && ls -lasR */* shows that there are no 
messages and no files at all. Maildir/maildirsize shows that there are 
messages. Is this is a bug or a feature? How to cope with this?
The problem disappears if Maildir/maildirsize is deleted. 
As it is written in vpopmail documentation quota gets updated every 15 
minutes, but on my system (debian woody) this never happens. User quotas are 
qreated with vsetuserquota [EMAIL PROTECTED] 40000000
Any ideas?
Augustas Gutautas
UAB "Baltnetos komunikacijos"
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