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> but I go to see the copy of owner's, only diffrence is
> there are two lines than above:
> Return-Path: <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Delivered-To: [EMAIL PROTECTED]

MANPATH=/var/qmail/man man preline

make your command 

| preline /home/test_sms/to_file.pl

and you should be done.

Both, Return-Path and Delivered-To, are headers whichs values are in
They're prepended to the mail when stored to final recipients mailbox by
qmail-local (respectivly vdelivermail) by fetching the values from
environment and prepending the lines to the mail. They are _NOT_ part of
the mail itself.

> how vdelivermail knows who is the real destination of mail if
> it get a mail from mailling list?

MANPATH=/var/qmail/man man qmail-command


Again: this is a qmail-issue, not vpopmail.

For further qmail related questions I'd suggest you ask the
qmail-experts; this list is intended to help with vpopmail specific
issues, keeping the overview if all mail delivery issues are mixed is
quite hard, so I'd be happy if you could keep the list as clean as
possible related to vpopmail.


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