There are no truly robust software solutions for this. Hardware really is the best way to go.

You can pick up a redundant pair of Big/IP traffic directors for less than $3000 on ebay. in fact, here's a pari of them for $2,500:

i used the big/ip's in production for three years for a national ISP. they are still in service, a year after i left. i swear by the big/ip's, they are a fantastic product.

At 11:04 AM 01-10-2003, you wrote:
First sorry  me if this messages is out of topic for some email-lists,
but if some one know a solution, please help me.

Hi was victim of a DOS attack, my server was out for about 5 hours,
services like web and email where down.

I am using round robind dns for a load balancing, but this only help for
my web services, any idea on how can i make a redundant service for web
and email services? something like mysql does with his replication

I don't want to use hardware only software

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