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>>If I understand the info there correctly,
>>the fix for this problem has been built into vpopmail 5.3.9
>>and later
>>Looking at the vpopmail changlog confirms this
>Didn't realize I was falling behind! Can I change to vpopmail
>5.3.12 and qmailadmin 1.0.7 without breaking the rest of it which is
>working great?

How stable would you say 5.3.12 is? I'm thinking of using it. I've
been having wierd things happening to me in the past with vQadmin and
Qmailadmin fighting eachother and writing over the database with a
hashed copy. From what I gathered, vQadmin was writing everything to
cdb, while qmailadmin was using sql directly. Any change I made in
vqadmin I had to run vconvert -c -m. yadda yadda. long story short,
it got all hosed. :) I think I fixed that by getting the latest
vqadmin and qmailadmin, now its working great. Next step is upping
sqwebmail, I had to install a hack script to restart the authdaemon
every 30 minutes because for some reason after that nobody can log
in. hrmph, i suppose it has something to do with the clearcache.pl
script? Thing is I understand nothing about that, and documentation
on it has been kind of sketchy. maybe i'm not looking at the right
place? well if anything doing it over will probably solve the
problem. :) I'm just wondering if I should try it with the latest
vchkpw code just yet, or if you feel that I'm going to experience a
massive meltdown.
Gary Stewart, [EMAIL PROTECTED] on 11/01/2003

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