I see what you're trying to do.  I do 99% of the conversions/migrations
between mail systems here at Inter7, so I know your problem.

Try writing a script:
  * Get the next username
  * Look up old directory
  * Look up new directory
  * Copy files

You can get their old directory from the old vpasswd files, and do a
vuserinfo | grep home | awk to get their current directory.

Hope that helps.

dev wrote:
> does anyone have or know of a way to cp -R user/Maildir/* to
> new/location/user/Maildir/
> Is this possible without have to do it manually?
> We had a email system up forever using qmail+vpopmail etc. But the old
> system used vpasswd files and such.
> I made a new system using MySql and spamassassin ...
> But I had to add accounts before transferring it over. ALSO I couldn't just
> tar the domain's dir because people are always getting emails and tar would
> complain saying that a file was being writen to bleh bleh bleh.
> So i made a script and just added everyone into the new system from the
> vpasswd file. BUT the dirs of the users are not in the same location. SO is
> possible or does someone have a way to say read say the old vpasswd and then
> find that users dir on the new system and then copy that users old emails to
> the new dir layout?
> Yes I know there is a vconvert. That will not work because all the accounts
> are already added.
> I just need to move the users old mail from the old system to the new system
> but I just can't tar and untar because directories are not in the same
> places now...
> Hope that makes sense...
> Dev.

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