Have you looked at maildrop?  It's a configurable/scriptable mail delivery
agent you can use to call vdelivermail or spamassassin.

Gabriel Ambuehl wrote:
I wonder how SpamAssassin could best be integrated into vpopmail
(preferably without having .qmail for each user).

I know there's small C stub (spamc) for SpamAssassin that reads the
mail on stdin, feeds it to the spam assassin daemon (TCP or pipe,
cna't remember, doesn't matter, anyay) and delivers whatever changes
back to stdout. Now I wonder about two things: does vdelivermail know
how big a given message is (you don't want SpamAssassin check mails
bigger than a few kb for the sake of CPU utilization)? Given we feed
the message to spamd, can vpopmail just link stdin to the FD that
feeds back the data from spamd and go on with its job?

If so, it would probably be easy enough to integrate spamc into
vpopmail and have it check for existence of a file like
user/.usespamassassin to figure out whether it should filter the data
through spamd.

I'd appreciate any comments on this. I'm thinking about trying to
integrate spamc into vpopmail, but I'd like to hear comments on this
and some feedback on my planned approach. Unfortunately, my time
resources are kinda limited these days but it's high time I do
something about the huge amounts of spam our servers are faced with
each day...

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