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> I have been trying to move the ~vpopmail/domains directory to another
> server.  I did a tar --preserve-permissions -czf domains.tar.gz
> ~vpopmail/domains to tar up all of the domains directory, then scp'd it
> over to the other machine.  I untar'd it in ~vpopmail  I checked the
> archives and it said you need to copy over /var/qmail/control/* and
> /var/qmail/users/* which I have done.  I can log into qmailadmin, but
> once I'm logged in, I can't see any of the users.  I tried vuserinfo on
> several users, and they show up as not existing.  Did I miss any files
> in the transfer?  I thought I have them all but I might be missing
> something along the line.

Check if the id/gid of vpopmail/vchkpw match on the two boxes, and if needed
modify /var/qmail/users/asign with the correct one.
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