I have installed the latest qmail and the latest vpopmail stable
but now i installed the dev version of vpopmail and i worke better

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Sent: Wednesday, January 22, 2003 4:45 PM
Subject: RE: [vchkpw] qmailadmin probs when configure

> This is probably better for the qmailadmin list.  But chances are you
> installed an older version of vpopmail.  What version of vpopmail do you
> have installed, and what version of qmailadmin are you trying to install?
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> From: Tobias Åman [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
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> Subject: [vchkpw] qmailadmin probs when configure
> Hi!
> I have now installed vpopmail with mysql support from scratch and followed
> very good guide
> and it works super nice.
> But now i´m trying to install the qmailadmin but under the configure
> it says
> cat: /home/vpopmail/etc/inc_deps: No such file or directory
> cat: /home/vpopmail/etc/lib_deps: No such file or directory
> i configure with these options
./configure --enable-htmldir=/var/www/htdocs --enable-cgibindir=/var/www/cgi
> -bin --enable-maxusersperpage=12 --enable-ma
xaliasesperpage=12 --enable-no-cache=y --enable-ezmlmdir=none --enable-vpopu
> ser=vpopmail --enable-vpopgroup=vchkpw
> and when i try to compile i get errors like
> gcc -I.       -g -O2 -c qmailadmin.c
> qmailadmin.c:29: vpopmail.h: No such file or directory
> qmailadmin.c:30: vauth.h: No such file or directory
> i have searched tha archives but haven´t found a solution yet.. someone
> has these files or knows how to
> correct these errors ?
> Regards Tobias

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