hi everybody!

i'm going to set up a cluster of mail server but i'm not sure, what's the best way. i'm using qmail/vpopmail/mysql for 3 years now. but now i have to set up a bigger system. i know that vpopmail has an option --enable-mysql-replication, but i don't see how to set up the rest of the machines. i want to use one nfs-server with raid-5 harddisks and an installed mysql server, which acts as the master server. i also have two (maybe three) satelite server, which act as pop3/imap machines. /home/vpopmail and /var/qmail is exported by the nfs server and mountet on all satelites. do i have to take care of something else? what about creating new users/domains on one satelite? what is to be done on the other satelite? send -HUP to the qmail-send process to re-read morercpthosts, virtualdomains, users/assign? or will vpopmail recognize that for example a new domain is created on the other satelite? unlikely inter7 has no documentation about that theme...

i would be very happy, if someone can show me the right direction.

kind regards,

malte ahrens

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