If you use vpopmail it's easy just create a script as a matter of fact I
did it today here is the script: 
for i in `cat users`
        vadduser $[EMAIL PROTECTED] $i

this will set a temp password to their name or if you use the learn
password they must log on with pop and the first time they log in vpop
will set the password on what they have typed. Very Kool, 

Remo Mattei
Network Security Engineer
cell 801-209-8554

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Dear All,

I have just installed Qmail, vpopmail and sqwebmail.
I am running Sendmail as my present MTA on a different machine.
Can anyone tell me how to transfer all my Sendmail users to Qmail?
I created Sendmail users under a group popmail users (about 250 users)
There are about 25 virtual domains also in Sendmail for these users.

Please advise me what to do..


Manish Jain
Sys Admin, ERDCI Noida

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