I've experienced the same thing with Outlook clients, but under only two 

1.  The mail server's CPU utilization is VERY high.
2.  The client's internet connection is unstable.

For me, I solved 1 by upgrading their mail server from a P100 (it was also 
running SpamAssassin and AV software).  2 was fixed when the telco went to the 
client and fixed their DSL connection.

So far, I've only seen Outlook exhibit this.
(It seems to be able to download the email, but then can't issue a DELETE in 
those circumstances)


Quoting Ron Culler <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> We are seeing a strange problem with some of our pop email clients. They
> are seeing multiple copies of an email message appear in thier inbox
> (outlook or outlook express) when only one copy of the email was ever in
> the inbox to begin with.  This only appears to happen when receiving
> mail from one particular source (running ComunigatePro 4.0) they send to
> several different domains that we host and all appear to have the same
> thing happening.  I have looked at the message and the headers and they
> look normal. But the end-user seems to get the message over and
> over(usually 4-20 copies) when the check the mailbox with POP3 
> Running Redhat 7.3 vpopmail 5.2 
> Any Ideas
> -- 
> Ron Culler


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