I believe that currently vadddomain has no method to specify
the /home/vpopmail/domains/*/ dir that a new domain is added to.
The current directory option only changes the base dir (/home/vpopmail/)

I need this feature.

I would like to pay someone on the list to make this change. Is
anyone interested?

The fix is trivial. I have already made a version of my own that will create the dirs as I need them.

However I would like to pay someone to make a clean fix that is integrated into the development code and would become part of the standard distro (my current patch is not worthy of inclusion - it just globably hard codes the needed dir).

I see the following changes needed:

new command line option
pass the desired dir to the vpopmail.c calls (versus my quick and dirty
global setting of the option)

Please let me know if anyone is interested. The pay would be minimal but
the job is pretty easy. If you are looking to make yourself a contributor to vpopmail but couldn't find a project - here's your chance!


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