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On Saturday, January 25, 2003 at 2:11:43 PM you wrote:

> @400000003e328bea35ac8c14 tcpserver: fatal: unable to bind: address already used

> but i did't use this ip any where

Make sure the line starting with 'smtp' in /etc/inetd.conf or and
SMTP-service in xinetd-configuration is disabled and you reloaded /
restarted (x)inetd. Seems your tcpserver-SMTP can't bind because a
different one already is running on port 25.

If in doubt use

 $>netstat -tulpen |grep :25

and search for the LISTENing process that is either bind to or

Somewhere at the end of the line regarding to that listener the PID
and process name is given. Make sure it is terminated. If it is
(x)inetd make sure to change it's configuration as mentioned above and
HUP or restart them, killing (x)inetd permanently ain't what you want.
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Peter Palmreuther

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