There's a feature in vget_alias...() that the domain
parameter is a char *, not a const char * so the domain
is overwritten to the "master" domain when you call it.

The correct behaviour would probably be to return
all the domains and specify whether they're master or
an alias.

  > Hi,
  > when I vaddaliasdomain a domain to another (e.g.
  > as an alias to (main) domain), vdominfo shows two domains
  > with name.
  > Yet, the aliasing works (mail sent to end
  > up in the user's inbox.
  > Is this normal ? How would I make vdominfo return only those domains
  > that are not aliases and whose directories actually exist ?
  > Or would I need to pipe the results through something like uniq(1) ?
  > cheers,
  > Rainer
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