Greetings list,

I've been looking at the IP-alias code lately.

I noticed that all of this seems to be internal to the
vpopmail core, and not implemented in the auth modules for
the courier products.

Is this something that will be changed in the future? Is any
active development being done to the IP map code?

I ask for two reasons:

1.) It would make sense to me if we moved this code from the
internals of vpopmail to a more API centric approach: Handle
everything in the auth modules. This makes auth module capable
programs more flexible, and gives them more control over the
IP alias process.

2.) I'm working closely with the TMDA development team to make
all TMDA products virtual domain (i.e. vpopmail & vmailmgr)
compatible. In this respect, I'd like to know if changes are
planned to the IP map code/API. That way we can make better
decisions with regard to the future.


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