Hello Winan,

I use "maildrop" package for resolve this problem. you need compile maildrop with:

# ./configure --enable-maildirquota ...(other options)...

This make /usr/local/bin/deliverquota, and this problem is used in .qmail file 
of user, to update maildirsize. Sample:

|/usr/local/bin/deliverquota ./Maildir 10000000S

This set the quota size for user: 10Mb

If you use qmailadmin, this is no update, case the quota of vpopmail is
configured. Then, you need update this manually.

But... this resolve 2 problems:

Problem 1:
Vpopmail have a workaround (vqmaillocal program. Look the REAME.vqmaillocal) for
deliver messages, and update maildirsize, but.... this dont update maildirsize
if you have .qmail file in $HOME of user... you heed $DOMAIN_HOME/.qmail-user
file to .qmail configuration of this user... I dont like this.. than... i dont
use vqaillocal. AND... if you use this, move qmail-local (of qmail package) 
to qmail-local now...

Problem 2:
Maildirsize file dont be updated if you have .qmail file in $HOME of user. This
is update only if you use vqmaillocal, BUT.... this dont function correctly for
courier imap... 

I am using deliverquota, and how i have support for:

- Quota to all users (with pop and courier-imap)
- The .qmail file in $HOME of user

Best wishes

Josť Roberto Kerne

Em Mon, 27 Jan 2003 12:22:39 +0700
"Winanjaya" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> escreveu:
 W> Dear all...
 W> maildirsize seems not updated automatically .. that's why my users have
 W> warned that their quota is full .. could any body please help me what should
 W> I do? ..
 W> any idea and or suggestion would be greatly appreciated and many thanks in
 W> advance
 W> Regards
 W> winan

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