Hello all,

I am migrating from qmail/poppaswd to vpopmail and MySQL. I see that when I have a user in the database (my first step was to populate the vpopmail vpopmail table with users from the /var/qmail/poppasswd file) and mail is sent to that it automagically creates the users Maildir with folders: new cur tmp and maildirsize.

If I vpopbull a message to all users would that create all of their Maildirs as well?

I presume that without the maildirsize I cannot enforce quotas.

My original plan was to tar all username/Maildirs on the old system then untar them on the new and change permissions so they work. But then the maildirsize will not be there. Can I create the maildirsize after the users folders are transferred from my old system? Will mail quotas then work?

Thanks for your pointers.

Joe Kletch
CedarNet LLC

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