Anytime you recompile vpopmail with different options you'll need to also
recompile any of the programs that use it.  Like qmailadmin and vqadmin.


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I've been looking through the archives, but haven't found anything that 
seems to cover this.

After rebuilding vpopmail (make clean; configure; etc.) with a default
quota, domains created via "~vpopmail/bin/vadddomain" are created as
expected with a postmaster account that has the correct quota.

However, when I use qmailadmin or vqadmin to create accounts, or vqadmin to
create an additional virtual domain, the default quota doesn't get set in
limit files for users or the domain itself either in:


or in:


I rebuilt both qmailadmin and vqadmin after rebuilding vpopmail to include
the default quota; If I manually set the default quota for a virtual domain
in vqadmin, it shows up as expected in a limits file in:


Is there something I'm missing here?



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