I think you can work around it if you put in .qmail-info the line for the autoresponder
as first line and substitute the mail adresses you have left with the path of the
relative Maildir.

I think it should work :)

Let me know


At 10.44 19/01/2003 -0300, Abel Lucano wrote:

Hi all,

Could you help me with the following


if the file /home/vpopmail/domains/domain.com.ar/.qmail-info
looks like:


AND each of these accounts have active vacation messages

If I send a message to [EMAIL PROTECTED]  I receive five vacation
messages, one from of each different final recipient;

Is there any tip to avoid this behaviour?: I would receive one vacation
message just when i send a mail directly to an address, not from the
forwarded or aliased email address.

BTW, if i set a vacation message for the "main" address
[EMAIL PROTECTED], when one message is sent to this address the effect
now is receive 6 vacation messages, one from [EMAIL PROTECTED] plus the 5
above ones.

thanks in advance for your help

best regards,

Abel Lucano

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