Hi Filippo Conti,
you wrote.

FC> Hi all !
FC> I would like to control smtp relaing by smtp auth login (M$ OE 5 and 6,
FC> Mozilla - plain text).

FC> This's my test setup:

FC> RedHat 7.3 (all needed fix applied)
FC> mysql-3.23.54a
FC> bglibs-1.005-1
FC> qmail-1.03+patches-19
FC> supervise-scripts-3.4-1
FC> ucspi-unix-0.36-1
FC> daemontools-0.70-3
FC> qmail-multilog-1.1-1
FC> ucspi-tcp-0.88-1.src.rpm
FC> courier-imap-1.7
FC> vpopmail-5.3.16
FC> vqadmin-2.3.4
FC> qmailadmin-1.0.9

FC> 90% of clients get mail by IMAP so...

FC> What's the best solution for my setup to implement SMTP AUTH ?

The qmail smtp auth patch from qmail.org


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