I've been using the mysql vlimits stuff for over 2 years.
(I supplied the patch for it).  Currently, I don't know of
any migration script, but it couldn't be too difficult to
make.  You need the file version of vget_limits() and the database
version of vset_limits().

I could help if you want to write the migration program.
I just don't have any .qmailadmin-limits files around anymore.
You just need a row per domain for the limits.  Also, make sure
you have the latest for vpopmail (5.3.16 I think).



  > I wanted to find out if anyone is using the "-mysql-vlimits"
  > successfully. If you  are, could you
  > Please post your procedure of getting mysql setup and moving over your
  > qmail-limits files.
  > My mysql/vpopmail setup has been working for 3 years now with no
  > problems, but I cant 
  > seem to get mysql-vlimits setup.
  > Thanks,
  > Clint Simmons
  > Network Administrator
  > KZ Universal

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