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> Hello Michael,
> That is what I was looking for.
> Thank you very much, Michael.
> What are your experiences with this installation-schedule ?
> (By the way I will ask for more sources in this mailing list)
> >> Where can I read about installation of vpopmail together with mysql?
> > I have some vpopmail w/mysql instructions available as part of my guide
> > http://www.pipeline.com.au/staff/mbowe/isp/webmail-server.htm
> Michael

My company is an ISP. We had been previously running Software.com's
Post.Office mail server package under Win2K. However Software.com was taken
over a few years back and the new owners dropped Post.Office from their
product range. So this forced us to look for a new mail server package.

After examining all the options, I decided that vpopmail would be our best

While working out how to build the new mail server, I recorded all the
commands etc required for each step / module.

Eventually, after quite a few months of of research, experimentation and
testing, I created a fully functional server.

We have since migrated all our domains and mailboxes over to this server (I
think we have around 10K mailboxes spread over 400 or so domains. With our
primary domain has around 5000 mailboxes.)

Our server has been up and running in this config for around 18months and
has proved to be very reliable.

Our support desk staff are happy because the mysql backend makes it very
easy to write scripts to display mailbox, domain and log information.

Our customers have been happy because they get reliable pop3, smtp, webmail

I am happy because the software has been free, and also since all the
packages are open source, you get the opportunity to contribute feature
suggestions and bug fixes etc. You can also make minor configuration changes
to the software as required to suit your own requirements.

Also over the last year or so, I have built quite a few servers for
customers using these same instructions. However, if the server is only a
small one (eg 1 domain with a handful of mailboxes), I would usually not
bother including MySQL support though.

I regularly receive emails from people who are writing to let me know they
found the doc useful and that they have built working servers too by
following my guide.

Hopefully that is the sort of info you were seeking?

ps. I havent done any work with regards to using or testing the
mysql-vlimits features as yet. We been using the qmailadmin-limits control
files to limit customer domains to the appropriate number of mailboxes etc.


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