I haven't found an answer by Googling or RTFMing yet, sorry.

qmail-1.03 with vpopmail-5.3.9 (and sqwebmail and courier-imap and

I have created a virtual domain like foo.example.com and mail gets
delivered properly to [EMAIL PROTECTED]  I'd like to masquerade
the host/domain so that mail sent from there appears to come from

I know I can do this for qmail as a whole in
/var/qmail/control/defaulthost but that doesn't help with per-domain

I see I can have the users set their From: body address in sqwebmail
but I want to do it for them (aka: force them) and ideally have it
change the *envelop* from instead of just the From: headers.

I suspect it's something in /usr/local/vpopmail/domains/example.com/*
but haven't found anything in my searching.  

Could Anyone provide a clue or a pointer to docs I've missed? 


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