Hi Andrew,

On Thu, 6 Feb 2003 11:02:36 -0500 Andrew Kohlsmith

>> What I would like to see is a update made to the qmail smtp daemon
>> so it will  look up the email account and return a "failure 500" message.
>> Then by default, the email addresses that don't match would be
>> failed and "hopefully" cleaned from the bulk mail lists.

>  There already is a "badrcptto" patch for qmail.  I have it in my mail
>  server, along with TLS, some mime bounce fixes and so on.  I believe it is
>  located at http://patch.be/qmail/badrcptto.html.

There's one I prefer over this:


Allows regular expressions on badmailfrom and badmailto.

but as this ain't the qmail list we should stop discussing only qmail
patches that have no relation to vpopmail except "we all as vpopmail
users like them" :-)

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