Can you do a script that check the alias name...
You put that script in the .qmail user that reveive the email from the
alias account ...and if the dst name is the alias name make a
forward to other address...
Another way....can you try to desactivate the alias ....and create an
account with alias name?
Or...I dont know if it is possible to put alias and forward to other email.
If you try this ...please tell us too.
Thanks :)

George Tolea

> On Mon, 3 Feb 2003, Moshe Jacobson wrote:
>> Is there a way to have it so that a pop user can log in under any
>> alias of his/her account and have it properly authenticate them and
>> pull up their real mailbox?
> Does anyone have any ideas on this?  It's pretty important that I find
> this out.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.
> Moshe
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