My environment is qmail + vpopmail/MySQL + spamassassin + maildrop + qmailadmin.

I have a real [EMAIL PROTECTED] which is tagged for spam checking.  The
.qmail-default contains

| /usr/local/bin/maildrop <mailfilter file>

which calls maildrop and in mailfilter, runs through spamd to check for spam
then pass it back to vdelivermail to deliver to the proper mailbox.  Then I
created a [EMAIL PROTECTED], which is an alias to [EMAIL PROTECTED]  A
.qmail-test is created which points to mydomain.com/user/Maildir.  When an email
is sent to [EMAIL PROTECTED], qmail just dumps it directly into user's mailbox,
completely out of the spam checking task.

Shouldn't the .qmail-test file's content be the same as the .qmail-default file?
How do you enable alias to behave the same as the account that it's aliased to?

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