There currently is no conversion program.
The latest rev (.16) enables the use of the new API
to vset, vget and vdel the _limits functions.  They
allow either file or mysql tables depending on the compiled
in version (with the --enable-mysql-limits=y/n).  Currently
the first (and only) program using the limits API is qmailadmin 1.0.9.
The table and row are automatically created when a new domain is added.
Rows are deleted when the domain is deleted.

Want to write the conversion program?  Should be simple.
Just one source file that uses the "file" vget_limits() and
the "mysql" vset_limits() and iterate over the current domains.
Possibly remove the old .qmailadmin-limits file as well.


  > i'm about to compile the latest rev (.16), and was wondering - if i select 
  > --enable-mysql-limits=y in configuration, is there anything that needs to 
  > be done to convert the existing .qmailadmin-limits? or does the system 
  > automatically convert the data during/after installation? and are there any 
  > distinct benefits to making this change in an existing mysql-backend 
  > environment?
  > Paul Theodoropoulos
  > The Nicest Misanthrope on the Net 

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