Hi Dale,

> What do I need to do in order to send the failure notices to the postmaster of the
> domain that the message is failing on.  Right now all failures go to the default 

That's not true. Failure messages go to the _sender_ of the message.

In case of a _double_ bounce (= qmail couldn't deliver the bounce), a
double bounce message is delivered to the system wide postmaster, which
can be configured through /var/qmail/control/doublebounce(to|host). See
the qmail documentation.

> I want the failures for say virtualdomain1.com (ie: user is over quota) to go to the 
>postmaster of
> virtualdomain1.com instead of [EMAIL PROTECTED]

That's not possible without changing the vpopmail code. To give you a
better understanding of the vpopmail system:

qmail-local calls vdelivermail through .qmail-default.

vdelivermail tries to find an account to deliver the mail to. If it
works, it delivers the mail. If not, it exists with an error code.

qmail-local sees that error code and sends back a bounce to the sender.

It's simply that: Success means: success, failure means: bounce mail.


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