Hi Roland,

> I have a question to vpopmail. I want to use vpopmail to easy admin a
> running qmail e-mail-server.
> The ./configure script says one error. the
> flag --enable-sqlincdir=/path/to/include/mysql can't find the MySQL Include
> files.

You did "./configure [...] --enable-sqlincdir=/path/to/include/mysql"..?

Note that you have to adapt this path to reflect the real location of
your include files.

> But the include files are at that place. (I have MySQL not in the default)

Obviously not, otherwise it would work.

* Which vpopmail version are you using?
* Show us your _full_ ./configure command.
* Show us the _full_ error message.

> How can I fix this error message?

You'd better fix the problem, not the error message ;-))


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