On Monday, February 10, 2003, at 10:58  AM, Jonas Pasche wrote:


if we use vpopmail with plaintext passwords enabled and some user
changes his password to string which contains ':' symbol - qmailadmin
doesn't list users after that account.
Yes, you're right. That's the problem with every single text "database"
that uses a colon to separate fields. qmailadmin simply sees that line
as a line that doesn't have the right number of fields. (The same
problem occurs with vpopmail installations that don't have clear text
passwords enabled at all.)

Dear Inter7 developers: What about quoting a colon as "\:"? Yes, that
would need coordinated changes both in vpopmail and qmailadmin, but the
current behaviour is confusing.
I'll look into correcting this in 5.3.17, which is almost done.


Bill Shupp

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