Hi Duncan,

> The "vacation" message never makes it to the list (I understand this is
> normal)

Yes, that's correct. I'm sure you don't want vacation messages
distributed through the mailing list. :-)

> and any postings to the list never make it to the person with
> their "vacation" autoresponsder set up.

That's bad, without question.

> deferral: AUTORESPOND:_I_can't_handle_a_message_with_a_Mailing-List_header 

I often noticed the autoresponder doing stupid things. In case of "I
can't handle a message with a Mailing-List header" I suggest it should
exit silently with an error code of 0 instead of 100 because...

* 100 prevents the message from being delivered to the final recipient

* Nobody is interested in getting informed about a vacation message that
  hasn't been created

Anyway, I wonder why your log notes this line as "deferral". Judging
from the source (I have autoresponder 2.0.3) it exits with 100 which
means "hard error" = "failure", while only 111 should generate

Hopefully somebody can bring some more light into this. I guess the
autoresponder's exit codes need some additional review.


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