Hello all,

I am having trouble getting vpopmail (I think that's where
the problem is) to function correctly.  The problem is that
I get "authorization failed" when I try and authenticate
over POP.

Here is my setup:

1. I have installed mysql, I can connect to mysql as the
"vpopmail" user, and I can view the vpopmail databases as
that user.

2. I have configured vmysql.h with the correct hosts,
usernames, and passwords.

3. I have compiles vpopmail with the following options:
./configure --enable-mysql=y --enable-roaming-users=y
--enable-clear-passwd=y --enable-valias=y

4. I have, of course, installed qmail and am trying to
connect to qmail-pop3d.

I cannot see (perhaps I do not know where to look) where it
is failing.  I have looked at /var/log/messages (syslog),
/var/log/qmail/current, and /var/log/qmail/pop3d/current,
but none of those files give me any hints as to why the
login fails.

I would appreciate any help.  After I tackle this problem,
I will try and get courier-imap to work.

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