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Hello Cyrille,

On Thursday, February 13, 2003 at 8:41:01 AM you wrote (at least in

I would like to know if the virtual domain separator is easilly

Is that possible via configuration
or have I to hack the source and recompile vpopmail ??
You have to recompile vpopmail after changing the line

#define ATCHARS "@%/"

in 'vpopmail.h' to addtionally include the '!'.

but for installation ...

I'm on a production running server, so I prefer to check that :
after running configure, and make,
can I do a make install
or I've to copy files by hand ???

I'm afraid about erasing current configuration files ...


Ok, I did install-strip with crossing my fingers ...

It's working very well, all stuffs still running after a RE-installation of vpopmail.

ouf ;o)

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