This is probably as much a qmail question as it is vpopmail, so I apologize
if this is OT.  Is there a limit to the number of recipients of an email
message?  I have a customer who appears to be using a piece of software to
send an email message to approximately 1300 recipients, all of whom are
listed on the BCC line.  I will know more tomorrow, but it appears that this
is the only way the software they are using (ACT) knows how to operate --
meaning it only knows how to send to individual emails.  Personally, it
sounds like they need a mailing list, but that's just me, and it seems
incompatible with their approach of being able to pick and choose
receipients based on grouping.  Anyway...

Anybody know of a limit?

Thank you,


Benjamin Tomhave, Senior Systems Engineer
Sofast Communications      www.sofast.net

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