Had a problem last night, where I had added a virtual domain for a customer.
Shortly afterwards, I was notified that mail was bouncing for many of our
primary domains.. Upon examination, /var/qmail/control/rcpthosts only had
one entry; the domain I had just added.  I restored from a backup, wc -l'd
rcpthosts, and noted there were 50 entries.  According to the documentation,
vadddomain should start using morercpthosts at this point, but instead it
overwrote rcpthosts with the single entry.  I tried adding the domain again
with the restored backup, and again it replaced the file with only the one
entry.  In the meantime, I've moved all the rcpthosts (except for some more
important ones) to morercpthosts and recompiled the cdb, but I'm wondering
if anyone knows how I can avoid this altogether?  I'd like to automate these
procedures, but if vadddomain is going to blow things up every 50 domains,
it's a little hard to do this :)

Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks

Andre Fortin, CCNA
Systems Administrator Technician
Persona Communications, Northern Division
500 Barrydowne Rd.
Sudbury, Ontario
Tel.: (705)560-1560 ext. 266

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