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>>> i don't, but users do;) and they can do it via qmailadmin.

>> So the solution is simple: somebody is responsible for that postmaster
>> account. Tell him/her _not_ to set up a forward of that account to
>> itself in qmailadmin. He/she shouldn't do that for _any_ account. A
>> forward to the same address is _always_ a loop. If they insist in
>> creating the loop I'd ask them to buy own hardware, so they can burn
>> their own CPU.

> it is very useful suggestion, but it doesn't work with ~30k domains (and
> each domain owner is a postmaster). we can punish them, but we want
> prevent this thing from happening.
> it doesn't occur very often, but i think antiloop check should be
> integrated into qmailadmin.

So may the source be with you.
Go ahead, take the source, write the "anti loop checking code" and
commit it to the developers ...

But be aware: a simple "if($fwd_email == $USER@$DOMAIN)" will not be
enough. $fwd_email could be "[EMAIL PROTECTED]", which is an
alias to "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" which forwards to
current user ...

Maybe _it is_ easier to write a message and push this into all ~30k
postmaster mailboxes, telling them to _not_ create mail loops????
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