> > it is very useful suggestion, but it doesn't work with ~30k domains
> > each domain owner is a postmaster). we can punish them, but we want
> > prevent this thing from happening.
> > it doesn't occur very often, but i think antiloop check should be
> > integrated into qmailadmin.
> So may the source be with you.
> Go ahead, take the source, write the "anti loop checking code" and
> commit it to the developers ...

yeah, ok, after the fight with loops.

> But be aware: a simple "if($fwd_email == $USER@$DOMAIN)" will not be
> enough. $fwd_email could be "[EMAIL PROTECTED]", which is an
> alias to "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" which forwards to
> "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" with "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" being the
> current user ...


> Maybe _it is_ easier to write a message and push this into all ~30k
> postmaster mailboxes, telling them to _not_ create mail loops????

it's not that difficult to push, but i am not sure of results =)


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