On Mon, February 17, 2003 6:10 am, zafar rizvi said:

> hi sir
> i am using qmail and i have existing users on IMAIL server.
> and i want to convert that users email to qmail and also convert into
> Maildir structure..and i have create a one virtual domain for it...but i
> can't get any converter who convert it into the Maildir structure and also
> as a virtual domain user...
Your virutal domain users Maildirs are created under

So, all you need to do to convert a user's mbox to maildir is something like:

 su - vpopmail -c "mbox2mdir /path/to/mbox

Disclaimer: I've just typed this in off the top of my head; it is probably
only valid as a concept - you may run into problems that I have not
thought of! (for example, the vpopmail user may not have a shell set by
default, in which case the su command won't work!)

I hope this gives you some ideas.


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