Am experiencing the following with a vpopmail installation;

Connecting and retrieving mail from 10 accounts over 3 domains based on one
physical server.   Client is Outlook 2000 on Windows 2000.  Occasionally
(usually on the catch all postmaster account) the client gets either;

a) "timeout occured" where the client connects and authenticates(logged) against
the pop server, but then fails to retrieve the first message...  gets stuck
downloading 1 of XX


b) "unable to connect to server" where no evidence of authentication appears in
the logs, but the server is verified live and accepting logins.

The client hapilly retrieves mail from the other accounts in the same
send/receive session just fine.

The timeout isn't because of a large file.  We are connecting to the server via
broadband connection, and the messages that it times out on are usually oly a
few kb in size.

In both cases I can manually telnet into port 110 on the server and view each
message via POP commands over telnet, or using sqwebmail.  Deleting all message
in the affected
Maildir folder sometimes resolves the problem for a short period of time. The
catch all boxes do receive a lot of spam messages, so I almost suspect malformed
headers or something, but can't see anything critical when looking at individual
message files.

Am stumped, and logging is sparse leaving me without much idea of how to begin
troubleshooting this.  Porblem persists though and is starting to become more
than a minor nuisance since mailboxes are effectively being frozen when this



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