Hello !
Maybe it is a qmailadmin problem, maybe not.
If I set the comment field to : " ", than qmailadmin adds it to database, but then I cannot modify the users comment field, and can not change password.
I think, that after the space can be any kind of non regular english letters.
The strangst thing is that I tried it again, and now it is working.
This problem showed up when someone told me that he can not change his password.
The comment field lookd like this : Fxxxxx Rx. Gxxxxx xxxxxxx
Than I changed the to little in mysql, and then everything worked fine.
Sometimes I I try to add a user, with a nem like the above, the qmailadmin say: Error adding user, but It adds to database, then I cannot modify from qmailadmin. 
Any idea ?
I am using : vpopmail 5.2.1, qmailadmin 1.0.6, and mysql 3.23.49 on a Debnian box.

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